Brighton cocktails & wine menu


Sugardough Mimosa
Prosecco & freshly squeezed orange juice 7

The Bloody Mary
tomato juice, vodka & spices 7.50

Cherry Bakewell
everyone loves a tart – Amaretto, kirsch cherry & prosecco 7.50

Espresso Martini
when you need more than coffee – vanilla vodka, Tia Maria, espresso 8

Russian Spring Punch
vodka, blackcurrant liqueur, lemon, prosecco, over ice 8

Aperol Spritz
the perfect summer drink – prosecco, Aperol & soda over lots of ice 7.50

Hot, grown up & indulgent

Hot chocolate & Baileys
dark Belgium chocolate melted with steamed milk, topped with baileys & chocolate 4.50

Baileys latte
double shot of coffee, steamed milk topped with baileys & chocolate 4.50

Divine almond
Baileys Almande, steamed almond milk topped with a sprinkle of almond praline, a vegan treat 5.50

Sugardough’s House Wines

4.20 125ml / 5.20 175ml / 7.45 250ml / 21 bottle 750ml

Casal Branco Terra de Lobos white
Fernao & sauvignon blanc grapes, apple, citrus & tropical fruits, medium dry, 2016 Ribatejo Portugal 13%

Chemin des Pelerins Rosé
A delicious fruity rosé made from the local grapes of Saint-Mont, cherry & a palate of summer fruits, medium dry, 2016 Gascony France 12.5%

Producteurs de Plaimont Merlot
Merlot & tannat grapes – medium bodied & fruity from one of the oldest vineyards in France, 2016 Gascony France 12.5%

5.85 125ml / 27 bottle
Amori Prosecco
Crisp & elegant, extra dry, NV Veneto Italy 11%


5% 330ml 4.55

Brighton Bier
pale ale 4% 330ml 6

Our kitchen uses wheat flour, nuts & other allergens please speak to staff about any allergies.
Prices include VAT.