Hove food menu

All Day


with Sugardough seasonal jam and British butter V 3.50

Sugared brioche

with honey butter V 2.90

Breakfast Pots
  • Sugardough granola – toasted oats, dried fruits, coconut, nuts & seeds with Greek yogurt V 4.70
  • Bircher muesli VG 4.70
  • Seasonal fruit compote & Greek yogurt NGI 4.70
A selection of our sourdough breads

with extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, British butter, Sugardough jam V/VG 3.50 per person

Our famous sausage roll or our spinach and ricotta roll

served with our specially made tomato sauce and dressed house salad greens V 6.50

Daily selection of pies

served with Sugardough beetroot chutney & dressed house salad greens 7.50

Daily selection of tarts

served with Sugardough beetroot chutney & dressed house salad greens mostly V 7.00

Seasonal Soup

Please ask staff about our delicious seasonal soup, served with sourdough bread & butter our soup is vegan unless the name makes it clear it’s not! 5.50

Cakes & treats

Choose from our selection of sliced cakes and tarts in the bakery, all served with crème fraîche V 4.20

You can also choose any of our products in the bakery to eat in. VAT will be added to the price.

Our kitchen uses wheat flour, nuts & other allergens please speak to staff about any allergies.
Prices include VAT.