Privacy Statement

Sugardough gathers and uses some customer data for the purpose of managing and fulfilling orders for food and related services that the customer has requested from Sugardough. The data usually comprises the customer’s name, phone number and on occasion address and email address. The data is supplied by the customer directly to Sugardough either in person, over the phone, by email or through social media platforms. Sugardough only uses that data for the purposes of the relevant customer order. Sugardough does not use that data for any other purpose, nor does it ever share that information with any third party. The customer data is written down and kept in Sugardough’s day diaries for the purpose of managing and fulfilling the customer’s order; data provided to Sugardough by customers through email or through social media platforms is held on those platforms in accordance with the providers Data Protection obligations.  The day diaries are Sugardough company records and are kept for a six year period.